Thursday, February 03, 2005


When I tell you this story you may think I dreamed it. Perhaps I did. All I know is my Mom was sitting close by and she, along with a lot of other people watched as it took place.
Yesterday, I was standing at the Pharmacy counter, here in Waterloo, waiting to pick up my Super Deet. It’s a custom blended, high-strength Insect repellent to protect me from those nasty Malaria mosquitoes. A single bottle cost me fifty-four dollars. I was thinking that for that price I could probably just pay the mosquitoes not to bite me. So there I am, waiting for the pharmacist to finish blending my repellent when a woman appears beside me and says: “If you’re going to Thailand you will need to learn the greeting. She put her hands together, gently bowed to me, and said: “Namaste’ She went on to say: It is a greeting that means ‘I honor the highest aspect of you’.“ I turned to her and repeated what she said, bowing the same subtle bow; ‘Nom-Mass-Stay’. “There.” She said, smiling. "Now you’re ready to visit the temples.” At that moment, my bottle of Deet was handed to me, I bowed and left.


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We end all our yoga classes with that lovely word.


Vivyan Ackroyd said...

Namaste Means:
"The Great Perfection within me honors the Great Perfection within you".
The Great Perfection is the vast part of ourselves that is truly one with the universe, one with all others; one with all there is. This is true regardless of national origin, culture, race, age, political affiliation, religious or spiritual affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, physical looks, physical condition or whatever.

These words are spoken with deep reverance as a recognition of the divine within another person.

Anonymous said...

You were meant to be a world traveller, I think. You touch so many lives.
Go for it
Love Deeds