Friday, February 04, 2005

Packing For Thailand

This morning I was dreaming that I was in a school. The children were unruly and it was my job to get things organized. At first, the place was a disaster with everyone doing their own thing and making a bigger and bigger mess. Then I started focusing on the job at hand and before I knew it, suddenly everyone was working together. I just watched in awe as this giant team of people brought the school from a dishevelled mess to a neat organized structure again. It was a miracle.

Then I was walking in the dark when a voice that spoke without speaking, began writing a big 'S' on the wall. Then I was told I needed to remember a word and that it was very important that I not forget it. The word was "Nicodium" or "Nicodia". I heard the word over and over again and I kept seeing the large 'S' written on walls and on mailboxes. I wondered if the 'S' might represent the girl I think of as my daughter, 'Sarah' or if it referred to me. I felt compelled to wake up and I wrote this word down. I searched for it on Google but I didn't find an answer. Perhaps someone reading this, knows what it means. Please let me know if you have some insight into it. I phoned Sarah tonight and told her about this dream. She said the word 'Nicodia' rings a bell with her but she can't quite place it.

I packed today. I have been organizing my stuff for the trip for the last week and it was fun to finally lay it out on the floor and do the final checklist so I could see if it would fit in my new Knapsack. I was a bit startled to find that all that stuff actually did fit. Here's what I I had when I finished packing it. The whole pack weighs twenty-one pounds. One of the most expensive items I bought was a pair of special boxer shorts that cost forty-five dollars. Yes, you heard me, forty-five big ones; and it's not even leather! I have only two outfits and some rain wear, and it cost me almost five hundred dollars. My pack cost $130. I got prescriptions for protection against the nasty micro organisms and a couple of epi-pens that remind me of the movie 'Pulp Fiction' when one of the characters stuck a huge needle into his heart. They are for me to use if I accidentally eat Shrimp. It's possible that my throat could start closing up. It that happened, I pop the cap off one of these suckers and jab it into my thigh. This morning I took the second part of a two part cocktail to protect me against Cholera. The nurse at the International Travel clinic told me it would be the most vile tasting concoction I would ever drink. She said I needed to force myself to down it within a two hour period. Piece of cake. I kind of liked it...(which worries me) I also got a second pair of glasses and contacts. Total cost of prescriptions and glasses; $650.
So now I'm at my brother Mike's in Kitchener, Ontario. I have to be at Pearson International at 6:30 for my flight at 9:30. My sister Melbatoasty will be taking care of ground control for my Blog. She will be showing my journey on the map here on my Blog. It is a wonderful feeling to be going on this adventure knowing there are so many of you joining me in your hearts and minds. I look forward to sharing my adventures with you.


jcadla said...

Good luck and have a wonderful time!

~~ Melissa said...

Your dream about the school seems to perfectly represent these past few months. And here you are, ready, with everything in order. Barkabashad.

~~ Melissa said...

LOL. Baraka Bashad.

Anonymous said...

(S) Have a great time Steve I am there with you in heart!!

Oh and dont forget my flip flops :)hehehe

Bozoette said...

Bon Voyage!

somsoc said...

Is is listed as a drug needed to help the victims along the coastal areas of Sri Lanka through a relief organization called Sarvodaya located in Sri Lanka. It is actually called Nicodia-Retard (20mg) I haven't yet found what it is used to treat.

Anonymous said...

funny... when I searched Nicodia I found this link

try it out

love you Stevie and I hope you are having a wonderful adventure