Thursday, February 17, 2005

Chiang Mai Trek 3

On our last day we came to a ten metre waterfall and Kan told us: 'Jump off. stay cool.' I remember thinking that I would have paid any amount of money to back out of that jump, but I kept thinking of how I would feel if I didn't do it (probably more sane) so I just stepped out and went for it. The place where I jumped is to the right of that green bushy area to the right of the falls. I remember the rush of the water as I hit and how I seemed to go under for a long time...

When the rescue workers finally revived me...
Okay mom, it wasn't so bad. Now can I do the bungee jump?

This is Randy, and American exchange student Studying in Hong Kong. He found this yellow lady bug just after I made my jump.

This is a Danish family who I met on my last night of the Trek; Kaja, Esper, Karsten, Rietta and Kjeld.

Liz deserves special mention. She has been travelling alone for months and seems to have no fear. Although I must admit that no one has seen any sign of her since she got back to Chiang Mai...

Here's our team having breakfast at one of he tribal camps. We might look happy in this picture but we froze our *sses off the night before and got almost no sleep.

Except this little fellow, who slept soundly by the fire. (That is your cute animal picture for the day Sarah).


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh what a cutie :)
It must be fun having a dog around!


Steven said...

This guy was really cute Sarah. The night before, I was sitting by this same fire and he walked right over to me, circled twice around my legs and went fast asleep under me as I sat on a log above him. He made me feel very welcome in that camp.