Friday, February 18, 2005

Chiang Mai: Thai Massage

Signs advertising Thai Massage are everywhere here. I have been leery about going in though because I'm never sure what I might have in store for me when I sit down.
So when my two French friends from the Elephant Trek offered to take me to the place they found, I was happy to join them.

We sat in recliners and the three woman oiled our feet and gave us a full one hour massage.

This is Nu working wonders on my feet as I look out the windows to the street action beyond.

Here we are just after the massage; Steven and Patrice from Quebec, and our wonderful foot specialists; Atcharaphorn, Janson and Nu. I told them they would be famous by today. By the way, the cost to oil and massage your feet, neck and arms for a full hour; six dollars Canadian.
Just as a footnote: I went back for a full massage by myself the next day. Nu took me into a back room and I lay on a mattress in silk shorts. I was really hoping they understood what I was asking for when I went in there. Nu understood only a few English words. She asked me if I was single. I said I was. She said she was single. Then she asked if I was staying by myself. I said I was. Then she asked how old I was. When I told her, 48, she said she was single and 43. I really don't know where she was going with that conversation but all I can say is that it was a wonderful soothing massage and definitely nothing I would have been impeached over if I had been the President of the United States if you get my drift. I just closed my eyes and surrendered myself to the relaxing feeling as Nu released the tensions from my head to my toes. Diana you would love to be here just to have your cranky feet worked on. These woman are trained in the ancient science of massage and there is nothing like the experience of being worked on by someone with this kind of touch. And again, all for 200 baht. (Nu is the one in red by the way.)

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you should bring nu back here. ;) heheh