Thursday, February 17, 2005

Chiang Mai Trek: Karan Tribe

The Karan Tribe are a primitive band who migrated from Tibet, two hundred years ago and have maintained their language and customs, for the most part totally cut off from the rest of Thailand. "Karan" means "People of the Land" or "Dirty People" because they tend not to wash very often and the world they live in is very dusty.

This is a little guy who hung around our camp fires at night. In fact, we had to fish him out of the fire a few times. He had no fear.

Kam showed us one of the banana trees the villagers grew. They use absolutely every part of the tree.

The Karen villagers live by growing rice and soybeans. We hiked through this breath taking landscape for three days.

Corey (shown on the right)is a student from Santa Cruz. We had a very interesting discussion on the last night of our Trek, about politics and his concern that California is being lost to the extremist Republicans. He said he is searching for a place that will make him happy. Once he finds that place he will settle down there. He's 21. I wish I had his insights at that age.

We put money together and begged the villagers to let us buy this rooster and eat him so that we didn't have to hear him crow at 1 am again...

The third village we stayed in actually had budgies. I took this picture for my favorite budgie fancier, Diana Rainbow.

And a kitty cat that Kirsten befriended. Kirsten and her husband Chris are from Sydney Australia.

Dennis negotiated the purchase of one of the handmade pieces the villagers made on their looms.

And these two children came out to wave good bye as we travelled through their village.

The children were a joy to see.

When I saw this scene in the village I thought of you Mom. I don't know why...

We passed through some wonderful waterfalls between the villages.

We had a campfire every night and sang songs. These are some girls from Sweden who were on our trek (in the front)

This is one of the Thai guides. He only knew Beatles songs but he really rocked.
This little girl was thrilled to have her picture taken as she fished in the stream we passed.

Here is a proper picture of Kirsten and Chris from Sydney, having breakfast.

Kam told us about this village. It was a hot spot for Cocaine. Then four years ago, when the new Prime Minister was elected, he cracked down on Drugs. Twelve hundred people were shot in the first month. Kam says there are no more drugs here now.

The beauty of this land and it's people can't really be expressed. I just hope I'm able to give you a glimpse of what I see. Perhaps you will want to see it for yourself. And I hope you enjoyed my cute animal pics Sarah. I always think of you when I take them.


J.P. said...

Gee, I wish you would explain the sow picture.
signed, your once loving mother.

Rurality said...

This is too totally bizarre. Because I look at homestead blogs, I have seen your sister's page, and a little while back - a week or so ago - peeked in here as a result of a link from over there.

Then today on a lark I typed in "budgie" in (because I like budgies too), and your blog came up on the first page.

The internet really is a small world sometimes!

Good luck in Thailand. I visited there once also, but that was over 20 years ago.

Steven said...

rurality: I like your Blog. I will stop by and read more soon. I'm glad the budgies found you here. I looked at the picture just now and I realized that unless the Budgies in Thailand look like coconuts, they might be very hard to spot. But you got here, so the job is done.

Steven said...

Squiddy: I should tell you about this inside joke with my Mom, Squiddy. My sister, Pioneer Melissa took me on in a contest to make a 30 second movie proving who is Mom's favorite. I used the Theme from 2001 and showed a picture of Madonna and child, superimposing the pics of Mom and Me. Meliss showed Mom as a Sow with piglets. Who do you think won the contest? (I hope Mliss doesn't read this...)

Rurality said...

That is too funny!

I thought that maybe your mother just had a bunch of kids, LOL.

Looking forward to reading about your further adventures in Thailand.

~~ Melissa said...

Steven, Are you telling me you believed Mom when she said you won that contest? OOps. That popping sound must be your bubble bursting. *hee*

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve
I love all the pictures. Especially the one of the kitten. It looks so small !! Kabal could eat it for breakfast. hahaha

Love you

Anonymous said...

I would have jumped too. :)