Wednesday, December 31, 2003

2003 Books I Read

2003 Books
Jan: Auel, Jean M.: The Shelters of Stone ***
Jan: King, Stephen: The Stand (Complete) ***
Jan: Kolata, Gina: Flu ****
Feb: King, Stephen: On Writing *****
Feb: Bramley, William: The Gods of Eden *****
Mar: Tennant, Patricia, Tunnel Of Light ***
Mar: Adams, Richard, Watership Down ****
April: Kingsolver, Barbara; The Poisonwood Bible ***
May: Davey, Cyril J.; The Story Of Sadhu Sundar Singh **
May: Minstry, Rohinton; A Fine Balance ****
May: Garcia Marquez, Gabriel; Love In The Time Of Cholera ****
June: Castaneda, Carlos, The Power Of Silence ***
June: Minstry, Rohinton; Such a Long Journey ***
June: Brown, Dee; Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee *****
June: Vidal, Gore; Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace ****
June: Barclay, David; Aliens The Final Answer *****
July: The Dancing Wu Li Masters ****
July: Hitler, Adolf: Mein Kampf **
July: Nilus, Sergyei; The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion: This is the document that was left on the desk of the British museum
July: Marx, Engels: The Communist Manifesto **
July: Bayat & Jamnia, Tales From The Land Of The Sufis ****
July: Parker, John: The Gurkhas **
July: The Rubayyat of Omar Khayyam (Poem) ****
July: Bach, Richard, Writer Ferrets: Chasing The Muse ***
Aug: Paret, Peter; Makers Of Modern Strategy *
Aug: Fynn, Mr God This Is Anna ****
Aug: Constitution For The United States Of America *****
Aug: Robbins, Alexandra: Secrets Of The Tomb *
Aug: Picknett, Prince, Prior; Double Standards *****
Aug: Schauf, Thomas D., Federal Reserve Conspiracy ***
Aug: McFadden, Louis, Federal Reserve Remarks In Congress ***
Sept: Grisham, John; The Runaway Jury: What a great read. Grisham is hilarious. He tells the story of a Jury in a Big Tobacco trial. Everyone is busy bribing and blackmailing and cheating everyone else. You just don't quite know where it's going until the last page. *****
Sept: Sutton, Anthony; America’s Secret Establishment *****
Sept: Vidal, Gore; Dreaming War: ***** This is an incredible book for putting the elements of American History together. The essay that hit me the most was Gore Vidal's piece on the World Trade Center Bombings of 911. Reading his book is like giving yourself a mental shake and waking up to what's happening around you, if only for a short time.
Sept: Martel, Yann; ***** Life Of Pi: Everyone kept saying how awesome this book is, when they saw I was reading it. They were right. It makes little bombs go off in your head long after you finish reading it. It's a love story. It's an heroic story. It's a horror story. It's still blowing my mind...

Sept: Love,Stanley G; Genesis Cannot Be The Word Of God:** Stan Love was my father-in-law at one time. He has spent years researching the Bible. He hasn't managed to find a publisher for his book but he certainly has done a lot of work. I find his book argumentative and although he makes some interesting points, he tends to end up saying that because you couldn't possibly fit all those animals in one boat the story must be untrue. I find myself wanting to know the answer to the question he keeps leaving alone:If the Bible is made up, who fabricated it and why?

Sept: Diamond, Jared; Guns, Germs, And Steel **
Nov: Cranston, Sylvia; H. P. B.: The Extraordinary Life and Influence of Helena Blavatsky
Oct: Loewen, James W.; Lies My Teacher Told Me
Nov: Albom, Mitch; The Five People You Meet In Heaven
Nov: Vidal, Gore; Lincoln
Dec: Lamb, Wally; She's Come Undone
Dec: Lamb, Wally; I Know This Much Is True

2003 Audiobooks
Jan: Verne, Jules; Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
Jan: Clancy, Tom; Red Rabbit
Jan: Clancy, Tom; Rainbow Six
Jan: Cussler, Clive; The Mediterranean Caper
Feb: The Millionaire Next Door
Feb: Douglas Adams; Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy
June: Creighton, Michael; Prey
June: Vidal, Gore; The Golden Age
June: Ludlum, Robert; The Cassandra Compact
July: Broad, Miller, Engelberg; Germs: Biological Weapons
July: Alder, Ken: The Measure Of All Things
July: Voigt, Cynthia; The Runner
July: King, Stephen; Everything’s Eventual
Aug: Sherwood, Ben; The Man Who Ate The 747
Aug: Patterson, James; The Jester
Sept: Creighton, Michael; Airframe: I'm hot and cold on Creighton. This one was totally absorbing. A great listen.*****
Sept: Gods and Generals: It was well done. It just didn't take me anywhere new. Suddenly the story ended and I felt ripped off.**
Sept: Tennant, Mike; Radio Spots
Sept: King, Stephen; Blood & Smoke: He reads this one himself and it's fun to hear him reading his own stuff. I loved his first story about the man going to meet his wife and her lawyer about a divorce. What happens next is totally bizarre. He also brings an amazing element to his story about Room 1408, told about a phony ghost investigator who gets more than he bargained for when he stays overnight. ****
Sept: World War II Europe
Sept: Power Failure
Oct: Cannell, Stephen J.;Runaway Heart
Oct: Flynn, Vince; Separation Of Power: What's really interesting about this novel is that it has a plot about going into Baghdad and raiding a secret installation that houses three atomic bombs that are in production. This is George W. Bush's plan come to life. The novel was released in 2001; two years before the Iraq War. The only difference between fantasy and reality is that in the book they found the weapons. It's a good listen. ****
Oct: Ivins,Molly and Dubose,Lou; Bushwacked
Oct: Shaara,Jeffrey M.; Rise To Rebellion
Oct: Memoirs Of A Geisha
Oct: George Bernard Shaw; Pygmalion
Nov: London, Jack; The Call Of The Wild
Nov: Winchester, Simon; The Map That Changed The World
Nov: Clancey, Tom; Net Force A very entertaining listen but just one thing...that place in Idaho is pronounced 'Core-dah-lane' not 'Core-dah-leen!!!'
Nov: Potshot
Dec: One Minute Millionaire
Dec: Browne, Sylvia; Book Of Angels
Dec: What Should I Do With The Rest Of My Life
Dec: Christmas Present

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