Friday, December 31, 2004

2004 Books I Read

2004 Books
Jan: King, Stephen; Four Past Midnight
Jan: Posner, Gerald; Cased Closed; Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK
Feb: Gerber, Michael E.; The E Myth Revisited
Feb: House Of Sand And Fog
Mar: Atwood, Margaret; Alias Grace
Mar: The Secret Life Of Bees
Mar: Kennedy, John F.; Profiles In Courage
Mar: Lahiri,Jhumpa; Interpreter of Maladies
Apr: Norwood, Robin; Women Who Love Too Much
June: Irwin, Robert; Find It Buy It Fix It
July: Investing In Condominiums
July: Autistic Boy dog book
July: Sherwood, Ben; The Death And Life Of Charlie St. Cloud
July: Osborn, John Jay; The Man Who Owned New York
Aug: King, Stephen, Hearts In Atlantis
Aug: Haanel,Charles F.; The Master Key
Aug: L'amour,Louis; Haunted Mesa
Sept: Goodkind, Terry; Wizard's First
Oct: Goodkind, Terry; Stone Of Tears
Nov: Goodkind, Terry; Blood Of The Fold
Dec: Goodkind, Terry; Temple Of The Winds

2004 Audio Books
Jan: Flow
Jan: Martini; The Judge
Feb: King, Stephen; On Writing
Feb: Ludlum, Robert; The Sigma Protocol
Feb: Harrison, Colin; After burn
Mar: Berners-Lee, Tim; Weaving The Web
Mar: King, Stephen; Quitters Inc.
Mar: King, Stephen; Mrs. Todd's Shortcut
Mar: Tartt, Donna; The Secret History
Mar: Carlson, Charles B.; Eight Steps To Seven Figures
Mar: Bach, Richard; Illusions
Mar: Groom, Winston; Gump & Co.
Apr: King, Stephen; Thinner
Apr: Clancey, Tom; Op-Centre Mirror Image
Apr: The Tibetan Book Of Living And Dying
May: Jane Roberts; Seth Speaks
May: Castenada, Carlos; A Separate Reality
June: Cayce, Edgar; An American Prophet
June: Wolfe, Tom; Ambush At Fort Bragg
July: Ludlum, Robert; The Bourne Ultimatum
July: Bell;Strieber; The Coming Global Superstorm
July: Stein, Harry, Infinity's Child
July: Darnton, John; The Experiment
Aug: Baldacci, David; The Winner
Aug: Mailer, Norman; An American Dream
Aug: Peters, Tom; Reinventing Work
Aug: The Girl In The Plain Brown Wrapper

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