Tuesday, December 31, 2002

2002 Books I Read

2002 Books
June: Saramago, Jose’: Blindness *****
June: Jin, Ha: Waiting ****
June: Bohjalian, Chris: Midwives ****
June: Ludlum, Robert: The Bourne Identity ****
July: Auel, Jean M.: Clan of the Cave Bear *****
Aug: Auel, Jean M.: The Valley of The Horses ****
Sept: Auel, Jean M. :The Plains of Passage ****
Oct: Auel, Jean M.: The Mammoth Hunters *****
Nov: Rivers, Francine: Redeeming Love ****
Dec: Lahaye, Tim; Jenkins, Jerry B. :Left Behind ***
Dec: Sylvia Browne; Life On The Other Side ****
Dec: Altea, Rosemary: The Eagle and The Rose*

2002 Audio Books
Verne, Jules; Journey To The Center Of The Earth ****
Clancy, Tom; Red Rabbit
Star Trek: The Valiant
Star Trek: Kahless
I Know What You Need
Sherlock Holmes: Adventure of the...
King, Stephen; Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger
King, Stephen; Insomnia (incomplete)
Clancy, Tom; Rainbow Six
Cussler, Clive; Floodtide
King, Stephen; The Bogeyman
Critchton, Michael; Timeline

Oct: Anthony Robbins; Personal Power II ***
November: Anthony Robbins; Get The Edge ***

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