Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Meeting Salim In Jaipur

Jaipur India, January 14, 2007
This story is from my recent Journey in India
Jaipur is our first stop in our tour of the desert State of Rajasthan; home of the Maharajahs. We have just come off an eight hour bus trip, bouncing over broken gravel and concrete roads. It's getting dark as we arrive. I have learned to use my 'Lonely Planet' book to find hotels in each new city so that we won't get ripped off. But then a man approaches us and offers us a room for 300 rupees. He shows us a brochure and it looks ok so we agree. It's located on a grimy street but the hotel itself is good. So now we're staying at The Hardik Hotel. Salim is the manager and makes us feel very much at home. We need a friend after the way we felt chewed up by Agra. Aw is an accountant but she is also a chef and she misses Thai food very much, so Salim invites her to cook some of her own meals while we're here. He manages this hotel and does most of the cooking. He works eleven months a year and only has one month a year to be with his family in Northern India.

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