Tuesday, July 31, 2007

King Of The Elephants

From my recent Journey in India
Jaipur India, January14, 2007
This is the magic of India. You can be in the most modern setting and then suddenly be transported back in time to the age of Kings.We're walking around Jaipur, near the palace, when suddenly we see a very well dressed elephant with his driver, ambling around the square. There is a family beaming with pride as they ride like Royalty atop this beautifully decorated animal. At the end of the ride, the elephant carefully lowers himself down to the ground so they can get off.
The driver signals me to come closer and I walk up to him as Aw takes this photo. He wants 100 rupees for me to have this picture taken. I give him 30. Every picture like this has two stories; The event, and the negotiation.


Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Those pachys are definitely cute -- cute giants!

Steven, this is a bit embarrasing. I thought you're on the road. I didn't notice these were reposts! LOL. I'm laughing at myself now! LOL.

Nevertheless, your journey is still like it was just yesterday. India and Nepal is my ultimate detination. Thanks for the posts!

Any coming trips soon?

Steven said...

Pisanu for bisean: No need for embarrassment my friend. I really appreciate you reading my stories. Nepal is on my list too; perhaps next March or April. Perhaps we'll meet up. May you continue to have exciting adventures!