Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Birthday To Us

Waterloo Ontario, June 24, 2007
My brother Pete is visiting from White Rock BC and since three of us have our birthdays so close together, Mom decided to have a birthday party for all three of us here in Waterloo. I'm holding the black forest cake with Mike at my right and Pete on my left. (Is that a balloon growing out of my head?) There are a total of 14 family members here, including all the kids. Mom put together a wonderful spread including ham and potato salad and Mike's wife, Lorrie made sushi. Melbah Toasty made her famous chick pea Indian Currie. Since I just got back from India this dish made me feel nostalgic. I even taught my family to do the head 'wobble' that you use when speaking about Indian food. It's great to be part of a family who genuinely like being together and sharing, without feeling any kind of competition; although there is the one bone of contention with the others. They all know (but don't really want to admit) that I am Mom's favorite. Happy birthday to Us!

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