Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Vietnam Welcome

Saigon, Vietnam, March 17, 2006
I actually tried 8 different times to get to Vietnam during this trip to Asia.

I really think that I needed to wait until now so that I would be on the right flight with the right person.

I was talking with a Vietnamese man in the seat ahead of me. I was asking for advice for finding a guest house. Bill spoke up and offered to help.

Bill is married to this lovely woman from Saigon.
'Lien' is a very sweet energetic woman. They live in Cranbrook B.C. Canada and travel often to Vietnam.

They found me a place to stay and took me under their wing. First, we went out for a traditional Vietnamese meal of fish and 'Pho' or Soup and other delicacies.

Bill says he's planning to take this Vietnamese 'Snake Whiskey' home as a souvenir but he thinks I should bring it back to my dear sister instead. Wouldn't that look wonderful in your living room, Melbah?

I am very surprised by Saigon. My buddy Ted was just here and he described Saigon as a dirty noisy city. Okay, it kind of is, but it's so friendly. And it's very organized. I thought it would be a place where I would be accosted at every street corner by people wanting my money. What I find instead is a very sincere beautiful people who are genuinely happy to meet me.
Now, this woman was here to sell me something, and I did buy a calculator and some disposable razors, but it was fun. But just for the record, I would put the Vietnamese against any people in the World when it comes to hard negotiating. Just look at her eyes...

Bill and Lien have really made the introduction to Vietnam such a pleasure though. Right from the start they tied me into the culture and helped me get my bearings. Thank you very much you two!


~~ Melissa said...

The only way I could have that snake in my house is if I drank the entire bottle of whiskey first. *Hic*


Anonymous said...

Hello Steve..We really enjoyed your company in Vietnam. Hope to see you again ... Bill & Lien

Anonymous said...

Hi Stevee:

Always enjoy seeing and reading about your adventures. Very beautiful places and people. I thoroughly enjoyed the monkeys on the street and everywhere, and remembered with a chuckle about the monkeys who ripped off the car roof of your neighbours in Richmond Hill. Heehee.
When's your book coming out??
Are you staying in Vietnam for a while with your 'new family?'.
It was nice to finally see Ted and his cute wife. Steve, you're looking more and more like Wayne Dyer each day. He's close friends with Ram Dass and someone I admire very, very much. Well your wonderful and wacky sense of humour never abates. Namaste