Monday, March 06, 2006

Bus To Kuala Lumpur

Ted, Bee and I take the bus from Melaka to Kuala Lumpur so that they can do some paperwork for Bee to immigrate to Canada.
I don't know what I ate or drank last night, but I am sick as a dog today. I finally get sick on the bus and have to lie down in our hotel room for several hours while my body gets back in balance. Finally, after a good rest, I am able to explore this city with my friends.
I love the architecture of KL. I find the quality of construction to be the finest I have ever seen anywhere in the world. I was blown away by the level of imagination in the construction everywhere; but especially here in KL.
The center of KL used to be the site of a horse-racing facility which was removed. This made it possible for City planners to design a huge complex of buildings and parks that all work together.
The inside of the KLCC shopping complex uses a great deal of stainless steel and glass to give it a modern look and the circular shapes give it a soft appeal.
As we were shopping, we suddenly heard a commotion and saw a giant dragon.

This dragon suddenly showed up while we were shopping in a Mall in KL, at New Year's. It was a surrealistic experience. It's like: 'and now a word from our creator' and this procession marches in. What a magic time.
Ted and I went to the Petronas Science and Technology exhibit inside the complex. Ted is honing up his driving skills. When he was finished, the Malaysian woman in charge of the ride asked that he have himself retested before driving a real car again.
And this is Ted proving once and for all that he IS a legend in his own mind...


Anonymous said...

teddy is very cute!
I want to go KL!
ayako from Japan

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying the wonderful photography in your waiting for the next instalment.

Landlady Lil