Friday, February 03, 2006

"Salaam Alekum"

Songkhla, Thailand, 2006
The Major has been showing me around Songkhla so much that this was actually my first chance to just hang out at the beach. When I came out of the water I sat down and looked over to my left.

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There were a horde of lovely Students staring at me and smiling. I got up and said: "Salaam Alekum" (God is with you), to them. They all shrieked with joy and replied: "Malakum salaam"(and with you). How did I know to address this group of Muslims in this fashion? Was it my worldly knowledge of Religion? What it my cunning instinct? No. I had just read a book by Wilbur Smith, and that's what he said to say. (Thanks Scott and Judy for that book.)
The students rushed over and asked me to take a photo of them.

Then They insisted that I join in a photo with them. I can't really explain why this happens so often to me but I love it. And to you wonderful students who made me feel so welcome on the beach of Songkhla today, let me just say "Allah Akbar." God is Great.

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