Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Life In a Day 2

Songkhla, Thailand, January 29, 2006
I had already experienced so many amazing sights at the Bird Sanctuary. So now I headed to Hat Yai and on to the Coastal City of Songkhla to relax on the beach (again)...

When I got there I gave a call to Jookie's Uncle, who happens to be Major Chit; the head of the Thai Malaysia liaison Embassy in the City.

He met me at the Embassy and introduced me to his men.

The next thing I knew, he had arranged for a lieutenant in his command to act as official translator and off we went on a sight-seeing tour. We drove onto a Ferry and across to an Island that houses one of Thailand's top Museums of History. My translator made a call to his wife to say he would be staying in town to show me around. I objected. I told the Major I didn't feel right about taking lieutenant Sadit (Sah-deet') away from his family just for me but I soon learned that when Major Chit gives an order, we obey.

This is a view from the Museum overlooking the longest bridge in Thailand, from the Island to the Mainland.
What I notice most about Songkhla is the Architecture. The lines are clean and the building techniques are the best I've seen anywhere in the Country. This is a look-out structure for seeing the Ocean and the Mainland.

This is a silk tapestry from the Museum. Mom.

The Major was honored to be photographed beside a portrait of one of his favorite Monks.

Then we headed to another Viewpoint Structure up a Mountain in Songkhla. You can see the Blue water of the Gulf.

Remember when you called to make sure your Uncle had not made me join the army, Jookie? That's him talking to you on his Cell Phone. And that's what we were looking at. So Soay!

Just down from the Citadel is a Naga staircase, built on orders from King Rama V, around 1900. The Major and the lieutenant took me all over the City to show me the sights, feed me great food and finally to this place where my new best friend; 'Suw' gave me a wonderful Thai massage (100 baht for one hour).

Suw is the one on the right. I'm not really sure who the others are but they all live there too. The one in the back is 'Pon'. They fed me very well and I gave them Canadian souvenirs.
I finally got to my hotel about 11:30 pm. When I reflect on the events and the beauty I experienced, it's hard to believe I did so much, in two separate Cities, in the same day


J.P. said...

I hate to be picky after seeing all you've been doing, but what about a sighting of at least one bird from the sanctuary?

Steven said...

JP: Okay, you make a good point. I have some movies of the birds but the boat scared them off before I could get close enough to take a good pic. I'll try harder...