Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My Vancouver Family

It was a great joy getting to spend time with Peter's daughter Sasha, and her sister Zara. Zara, I think you are a very talented person. The movie you made that day on my computer was great. Let's do some more together soon.

This is my niece, Amy; Scott's daughter, getting her boat ready to take to a cottage up North, with some help from her dad and, Steve, a good friend.

Here's Amy's husband, Bob. They both made me feel very welcome on my visit in Vancouver.

Meanwhile, Scott got this canoe loaded on his car, ready to head for his secret camping spot. This is Amy and Rachelle. Rachelle is Scott's wife's daughter. Scott is married to Judy. No, not that Judy; another Judy.

A few minutes after this picture was taken, Scott was heading through an underpass when the canoe slipped off the car. He was okay but I think he put a new dent on the car. This car is jinxed, it seems. A little while ago, a huge branch fell off a tree in their yard and slammed into the hood, causing quite the gash.

Judy was kind enough to drive me out to Kerrisdale; the neighborhood where my Mom grew up. This is your house, Squiddy. I have some great movies to show you too.

My grandparents have their ashes in the garden of this Church. My parents were married here. One of the strange acts of timing is that my Grandfather Hawkes died exactly one day after my father.

On Canada Day, Judy took me to a very popular breakfast spot near Kitsilano Beach, called 'The Nan'. It specializes in vegetarian food. I'm not really sure what I ate but it sure tasted delicious.

A visit to Vancouver wouldn't be complete without a tour of 'Wreck Beach'. This is a nude beach. This is the closest picture I dared take with my camera. It was a very educational visit. There was one man who stood on a large stump rotating like a light house. There are so many puns here, I won't even start. I honestly felt uncomfortable here because I had my clothes on and that made me feel like a voyeur.

In all the time I've known Judy, I have rarely had a picture taken with her. This is her apartment. She has a wonderful decorating sense. I truly wish she could find a way to use this talent to make money in Vancouver. She would make a fortune.

One of my biggest pulls to spend more time in Vancouver, is the bond I formed with Meg and my nieces. I rarely get a chance to speak in the language of my own spiritual path. The night with you guys was truly magical.

One of the highlights of this visit was having the chance to talk with Scott. He's my older brother, by 2 years. I was honored that you would share some of your personal challenges with me Scott. I never had the chance to take pictures of his lovely wife, Judy. It was a very busy week for her. We did talk about their travels together and how Judy got Scott hooked on exploring the World. Scott told me he loves his wife in a way that is very rare today. Thank you very much for extending your hospitality to me while I was in Vancouver. I love you guys.

My family in Vancouver helped me to remember the lesson I seemed to have forgotten most of my life.

You need to smell the roses and feel your life as you live it. Judy you are family to me as much as my brothers and sisters and cousins and nieces here in Vancouver. You have all effected me very deeply in this visit. You have created the deep desire in me to know you better.

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Anonymous said...

You have very nice Family in Vancouver!
I think Judy is very beautiful!
And children are very lovely!
By the way, where you go next??