Thursday, June 30, 2005

Meg, Millie And Sadie

Meg and my brother Peter were married and produced two wonderful daughters. They haven't been together for many years but Meg has always been our sister just the same. Meg invited me for dinner so my older brother Scott was kind enough to drive me to the Sea Bus, which took me across the Bay to Meg's place.

Meg met me at the main terminal on the other side. I haven't seen her in 5 years but she and I have been corresponding through my Blog. It turned out that the reason the man in the background was looking into the bank machine was that it was busy eating his card. Meg was going to take some money out but we agreed this was a sign to wait.

She walked me back to her apartment where her daughter Millie was cooking us vegetables and cheese on french bread.

Millie's 19 and has already travelled to Africa. She loves that culture and is about to take some anthropology courses. I told her I would put her in touch with my friend Ted, who lived in Africa for many years and can give her some great tips.

This is Sadie. She's 17 and an incredible runner. It is difficult to show you a picture of just one sister alone because they stick together like glue.

Sadie has won many track meets. She says she has always loved running. Many times she will get up very early in the morning just so she can run around the block a couple of times before school.

While Meg helped with the salad and Millie finished cooking the dinner, Sadie found some music for us to listen to. We have the same spiritual roots through a path called 'Eckankar' so it was incredible to share experiences with a common point of reference.

Meg works as an administrative assistant to pay the bills but her real love is her music. She is a professional musician and has recorded a CD called 'Driving With You'. I have no trouble giving her a shameless plug to say: 'Buy her album'. Her music is great. I'm listening to it as I write this Blog. Click here for her Website.

Meg has a deep grasp of Spirit and she has performed in many cities on the continent.
When I got back to Scott's place after sharing an evening with these three vibrant Souls, I wrote Meg to thank her for dinner. As I said in your email Meg; I knew I would have a good time. I just didn't realize I would have a GOOOOOD TIME! It is such a blessing to reconnect with you Sadie, and Millie and Meg. I love you. Baraka Bashad.


Anonymous said...

It was like being there.
Love to you all--

MIllie said...

Aww I love you too uncle steevie! yesterday was so much fun! And hi Gramma!

Anne Davey said...

Hi Steve, This is Annie, Meg's sis.
She sent me the link to your blog in an email today. Ahh, so nice to see them all because we are so far apart. Thank you for giving me this memory. {{{hugs for you}}}.
Annie (Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.)

~~ Melissa said...

Hi Stevie
Hi Meg
Hi Emily
Hi Sadie
Hi Anne
Hi John Boy

Steven said...

This is my favorite part of Blogging; how it brings us together. Great to hear from you Annie. It's such a joy to get to know my family here, and to share my joy with you there.

Anonymous said...

Very nice family!
I want get to know more about your family.

And I like running too.
your friend ayako

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa
Hi Gary
Hi Hallie
Hi Kimberley
Please hug your gold fish for me.


~~ Melissa said...

Hi Meggie,
The fish send their love to you, and Millie and Sadie. And we do too.

Anonymous said...

wonderful picture with you Meg and the guy freaking out about losing his card.

I am going to buy your CD and put in a plug for it. You have a beautiful voice. You have two wonderful children Sarah and Sadie.
We talked about being divorced and the challenges of an office job. You pursued your dream. I am a half member of Eckankar. I am open to many things - however, when push comes to shove I would have to say I am an Eckist at heart.
I have been vascillating on my pink slip for many, mamy years. Now here it is again, and I'm going to get it.

Well all my love to you Meg - would like to keep up some communication with you.