Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Royal Chat

As we continue our tour of London; may I be so bold as to say:'My Old London Town'?, an old chum of mine happened to be walking about.

I managed to steal a few moments with Prince Charles to discuss his concerns about Canada's parliamentary squabbles. I used my considerable influence to get Melissa close to the action. And as you can see, Mom is trying to take a decent photo of our meeting. Fortunately I had some of my friends from 'The Times' on hand to snap a few as well.


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed by that picture Stevie... I didn't think Chuck was that much taller than you.

did you ask him anything important? Like what he thinks of Camilla's hats?


Anonymous said...

Umm... what is that growing out of your head? Did you neglect to put sunscreen on your head during your travels in Thailand? Maybe you should see a Dermatologist.


Steven said...

ettore: I have taken medication for it but it KEEPS COMING BACK!