Sunday, May 15, 2005

Big Benjamin and Me

It has been an invigorating day in London.

The traffic was hectic but I met up with some friends of Yoko Ono's and we hung out for a while.

Then it was a quick jaunt over to Buckingham palace where I met up with a few of my mates from the Rugby team. I didn't want to join them but they insisted. So we all headed in to chat up the Queen. She was friendly and a good listener too. I told her about my Blog and she promised to pop into the site for a look.

I am sad to say that some of you (a very few I might add) have made the discouraging accusation that I am not actually in London. You are saying that there is no sign of my travelling companions in the photos.
I hope this picture of my Mom, Melbah and me in front of the most famous landmark in London, will squelch those foolish nay-Sayers once and for all. Oh, and please don't read Melissa's Blog. She is only humiliating herself.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha Steve you crack me up!!


~~ Melissa said...

Stevie, you were very quiet at lunch today.... are you sure you're enjoying our trip? And funny how you were nowhere to be seen when it was time to pay the bill.