Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Koh Tao 2

Koh Tao is a beautiful Island to relax on.

This rock behind me holds a Monogram inscribed when the King of Thailand first visited this Island. The Rock is considered sacred. Our Bungalow was just a few yards from this monument.

I spent a very relaxing day talking with Nicole, while it rained. It has only rained one day since I arrived in Thailand on February 5th. Nicole is from East Germany and saw the Berlin wall torn down. I asked her what it was like. She says it was exciting but she was only ten years old at the time so it didn't have the same impact on her as it had on her countrymen. She has travelled for several years and is certified in Scuba diving, Computer Technology, Thai Massage and speaks seven languages. When she's not relaxing she runs a small Country somewhere.
Nicole was also on the Beach the day the Tsunami hit Phuket. She says she had been sleeping in her hut and had just gone for breakfast when the wave came in. Her hut was totally gone and she would have died had she been in it an hour before.

This was Dennis's occupation on Koh Tao; holding the waves in place. His relatives insist I show him in the Blog every so often so they can keep an eye on him. He's still losing weight Angie, and is still a major chick magnet.

Litton is from Sydney Australia. He suggested the bungalow we stayed in. I love the serendipity of just meeting a traveller as you're walking down the path and he ends up giving you just the information you need when you need it.

I finally figured out the master plan of mosquitoes. It's not about biting. It's about recreating the stars of the night sky on my leg; one bump at a time...

These birds are exactly like the string of birds I talked about in the story: Calgary to Thailand in 2 Minutes. The psychic who gave them to me said they had belonged to someone who met the Dali Lama and that I will meet him too.

And here we have the turtle mascot for the Island.

We took a walk around the outcropping of rocks on our last day.

I never knew I could feel so peaceful as I did on this Island. Dennis and I would get up; usually very early and swim in the ocean, and dry off in the sun and drink coffee and cool down in the ocean again. Time just didn't mean a thing. I wish all of you that same sense of peace that I have felt here on Koh Tao.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Steven - Nice site you have of your travels - It's Chris here, another one of Dennis' brothers. I have been following your travels, and that of Dennis' with interest. My wife and I just got back from Cuba and while there basking in the tropical waters we had a sense that there was something still in the waters - at last we know - it was Dennis or as we like to say Denass - holding the waves still - Thanks for all the updates - let Dennis know we are still watching his travels and that I will soon have news of my trip to asia in June/July and when we can meet up.