Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Dogs and Cats

I have been meaning to post some of the dog and cat pictures that I have taken in the last while.

Every time I see a dog or a cat I think of Sarah and Rachael, who I think of as daughters to me.

So here are a few from Koh Tao for you two.

Of course this goes out to all my animal loving friends, nieces and nephews and family back home in Canada, and around the Blog world.

May you have the peace you see in these beautiful creatures. Love, Steve


Anonymous said...

I love them Steve thanks they are great!!

pmelissa said...

I swear dogs nap better in Thailand than Canada! They always looks so cozy.

I was happy to see the turtle picture. I adore turtles.

Angie said...

I love the turtle, and the dogs are cute too.. A chick magnet too eh.....Interesting oh and good for you dad, that is just great to hear. Yes Steve we do insist, you are my only connection with dad you know he doesn't know how to do this internet stuff. I do have faith in you though you and thanks steve for the updates. How the heck are you losing weight by lying on the beach????MMMM
Love Ya

Steven said...

pmellisa: The thing that is so different about dogs here is that they are don't beg. They just sit nearby and relax. They even have the same expressions on their faces that we do once we've been here a while.

Anonymous said...

appreciate the thought steve, but we all know how much I adore cats.
PS tell the ozzie he's a hottie