Monday, March 07, 2005

Happy Birthday Hallie!

Sawadee krup and Happy Birthday Hallie!

As I explore the ancient secrets of Thailand, I say to you Hallie: Let the mystery of life reveal itself to you, and enjoy the journey. Have a wonderful Birthday!
Love, Uncle Steve


Anonymous said...

Hallie is much prettier.

Anonymous said...

thank you uncle stevey banana! <3<3

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Hallie! Yeh, your much prettier than that picture. You probably don't know me, but what the heck I still wish you happy birthday. I was going thru some of my stuff and found pictures of your daughters Mel, one with Pat holding a baby. Sorry Mel, if you did write me and send pictures, well somehow I wasn't aware. But thanks you have great kids. And I think you and Stevie are probably twins incognito.

You know I had this dream about a crazy woman saying nasty things to Steve, and just being a pain in the b.... Thank God it was just a dream.

I remember when you, me and Steve used to get together and talk. I really enjoyed those times. I am so glad you and Steve are so close and such a support for eachother. So do you think he should write a book or what?? He's a natural.

Well take care.
Love Deeds