Friday, March 18, 2005

Dennis; Chick Magnet 2

Perhaps I haven't properly expressed Dennis's ability to attract people to him. I have made a lot of jokes about how the women can't resist him. The truth is, everyone likes him. He is the most recognizable person in Thailand. Everyone calls him 'Santa'. But, since I seem to have given a false impression of our situation here, let me add for the record, that these are just nice women who like to have their pictures taken with him. In reality we live a very quiet life here in Paradise. Dennis is available for birthdays, but he is booked through the Christmas holidays...

This is the woman who arranged our transport to Koh Tao. Dennis just asked for her to pose for this picture and she melted into his arms.

This is Yoko from Japan. She does Tai Massage in Koh Toa. She was another big fan of Santa.

This seems to be a massage theme. This woman gave Santa a Thai massage on Koh Tao as well. Okay, we have gone for a lot of Thai massage. "You just keep taking the pictures Steve", Dennis kept saying. "It's something you're good at."

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