Thursday, February 17, 2005

Chaing Mai Doi Suthep Temple

Today I teamed up with my Vancouver buddy, Dennis, and we hired a truck to take us to The Great Golden Temple that overlooks Chiang Mai City. This is 'Parsons' our driver. He is a character. When he took us back after the Temple Trek, he actually got lost in the city. As I'm sure my niece, Amy, would tell you, just because they call themselves Taxi drivers, doesn't mean they have any idea where they're going. At the end he took us 20 minutes off course and then asked for 100 baht more for his mistake. I just smiled and said 'Namaste'. But I digress...

This Temple is called 'Doi Suthep' (Dah-set-epp') and was built in the 1300s. I have been feeling home sick for the last couple of days and the Temples are what make me feel home.

The approach to the Temple is a long series of 306 steps between two 'Nagas' or serpents, to the top. This is Dennis. He says that the Naga is his totem and that it keeps him safe while he travels.

I just wanted to show you Diana, that there are indeed crocodiles to be found here in Chiang Mai; even if only in stone. I promise not to dangle my feet here...
There are 4 Temples at the four quadrants around the main Temple. This is one of them.

I am doing an ancient sign for a friend today as I sat for this picture. The feeling while I'm in this temple is as if I am floating. The energy I feel is so calming and my heart feels totally at peace. I feel a tremendous feeling of airiness at the crown chakra for those of you who know what that means.

This Temple is very familiar to me and what really strikes me is that this is the first time I see the Buddha figure with eyes open. The gaze is piercing and the feeling of joy and peace carries through the whole Temple site like a never ending river of electricity.

Again, I took this picture to connect with a another dear friend who I wrote earlier today. Tell me if you could feel the energy. I know this place very well.

This is the site that most know from the postcards.
As I sat before the main Temple, the clocks at either side began to chime exactly twelve o'clock noon. I barely heard them over the intense sound of what seemed like high tension wires coupled with 'white noise' that swirled around me as I listened.
I bought a bell just after this visit so that I could share a tiny bit of the sound current with my friends when I return. I also found that special stone for you Kathy.

I wish you, my dear friends and travellers, the kind of peace I feel when I am in such places as this.


Kitty said...

Hello Steven,
Feeling very much the voyeur, I am compelled to write to you after seeing and reading this post. I came across your blog very circuitously, because I read Melissa's blog, having started reading it from another knitting blog!
Anyway, I am in awe of your trip, your ability to make me feel like I am right there your spirit and sense of adventure. You are amazing!
I'm in beautiful Chatham, on Cape Cod in Massachusetts! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Howdee Steve:

Extordinary pictures. The temples are gorgeous. Past life rememberences? I think so! Maybe you'll become the next one!. I still see you as a world traveller -one who perhaps works in some agencies like the Red Cross who help people rebuild their life again etc. Your a natural. Thankyou so much for taking the time to give so many wonderful pictures and insights to friends like myself. It is a truly wonderful journey. I still want to know if the elephants get gas! Anyway wherever all this leads to, I wish for you that you find yourself in it's entirety as Soul. I'm sure you have seen many Masters along the way.

Love Deeds

Steven said...

Diana: You are a great inspiration for my travels. Diana Rainbow and I shared many incredible adventures for many years as husband and wife and now as dear Soul friends. Diana's adventures make mine seem very ordinary. You would love these Temples Diana. The HU is very strong here. It has the strongest effect on the Crown chakra and on the Tisra Teil. It would be very easy to Soul Travel here. All things are connected by this dynamic current here. I think of you often as I travel. I hope you tell your story too. Baraka Bashad.

Steven said...

Kitty: I would enjoy reading of your journey in Cape Cod. I tried tracing you but there was no link. Thank you for your encouragement. I really have no idea if I'm getting my perceptions across. I depend on Mliss to keep the pics and grammar sorted out back in Canada.

Steven said...

Fellow Travellers of the World and of the Mind: If you find something that strikes you about my adventures you are always welcome to write me. It is a great thrill for me to find out who is on this journey with me. Don't be shy. Hearing from you makes my day!

Anonymous said...

Dear Steve:
Would it be okay if I shared your story about the HU being so strong there with an Eckankar Internet class? I think they would find it very interesting.

For myself, baby steps to the elevator.....Gil!!!

Anonymous said...


Again, I write. Just had to tell you I really don't 'belong' to any religion, but when people ask me in Medicine Hat I am going to say Buddhism because I think that describes the way I feel the most. Especially Tibetan Buddhism where there are Sufi Mystics. Though I would encourage anyone to Soul Travel and learn of the higher worlds by their own experiences. I remember being out of the body and when I returned there was a large white,misty light over my Tisra Til. Finally when I could really focus, I saw a starless sky to another world. I wanted so badly to get out and go there. 'Patience says Shalindria - courage says Willow'.

EHHHHH.... name the movie, win a cupie doll.

Steven said...

Diana: You may talk about anything you wish. I trust you.