Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Voice Of The Silence

Twenty years ago, When I lived in Medicine Hat, Alberta, I was eating escargot at a restaurant, when I suddenly started looking at one of the shells and I had a powerful sense of Deja Vu. I knew the shell was important but I didn’t know why. I only knew that I was supposed to find something and that the shell was the key. After several days of carrying the shell in my pocket, I decided to visit a dear friend of mine, Averil. She and I both studied a Spiritual path at that time, called Eckankar. Averil had a great library of esoteric books so she let me look around to see if one would solve the mystery for me. I found a couple of books that I was interested in reading, but none seemed to be what I was after. Then just as I was leaving I happened to peer into her bedroom, and there on her bedside table was a little red book called 'The Voice Of The Silence'. I walked right in and placed my escargot shell over the sketch on the cover. It fit perfectly. Averil said it was her favorite book and that she always kept it there, in her room. It was a book so familiar to her that it never occurred to her to mention it.
The Voice Of The Silence is a book that was translated by Madame Blavatsky a hundred years ago. She translated it from stone tablets at a remote Buddhist Monastery in Tibet. The book explains the mechanics of Soul as it travels through the different Planes of existence. I found that the secret to the book was to read it aloud. When I did, it took me into a very deep contemplative state.

But there’s another part to this story.
Five years ago, I stumbled upon a woman on the Internet named Vivyan. She and I began a very unusual dialogue right out of the blue. We got talking about synchronicity and the strange things that Spirit does to lead us in new directions. I was just beginning to tell her this story of the Voice Of The Silence when she stopped me and said: “Wait. Let me send you something. Vivyan is a Fractal artist. She sent me this fractal without knowing anything about my vision of the escargot shell. I was wowed when I saw her fractal. Just as I'm writing this article Vivyan has phoned me. I'm telling her about the article. Just as I'm speaking to her, I'm looking at the website for the movie, 'What The Bleep Do We Know' , and I'm seeing the picture of William Tiller (Uncle Bill to her) who is the renowned physicist featured in the film. And while I look at his picture, She says: “What’s so great about the Internet is that we send something out there, into the unknown, and it sends us back exactly what we need.” And that day, five years ago, when she sent that fractal to me, she was proving exactly what she’s talking about now.” My trip to Thailand is tied into this as well. It’s a land of Buddhist Monasteries that somehow hold the next key to the spiral of the Snail shell. As I talk to Vivyan we are getting ready to meet for the first time. She and her partner, Dorian have invited me to visit them in Etobicoke for the weekend. I look forward to seeing what piece of the puzzle I will find when I meet them.


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