Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Healing Moment

Vancouver, BC, Canada, September 16, 2007
It's my last full day in Vancouver before I head back to Waterloo. My brother Pete picks me up from Scott and Judy's and takes me to his home in White Rock. This is Pete with two of his daughters; Millie (holding) Sasha. I make a point of spending a bit of time with Millie. She and I have both studied the same Spiritual path and I always enjoy the chance to talk to her since we share many of the same beliefs. As we're outside in Pete's back yard, I am drawn to this statue of Saint Francis of Assisi, who is mentioned in the Eck Teachings. He reminds me of a blog story Melbah wrote a while back about a Saint who showed up in a tree trunk. While I'm talking with Millie it's like we're in a different world. All these elements make up something greater than the talk we're having. It's a magical meeting and I have a strong sense of healing around us.

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