Sunday, September 16, 2007

How To Ride A Camel

From My Recent Journey In India
Jaisalmer, January, 2007
Hello from the Desert Safari near the Pakistan border. It's very exciting to be here in a place so important to the world right now. If we stray a bit Northwest, we could find ourselves in the middle of a Pakistani military base. Many generations of people have lived here and died here; from drought and hunger and politics. This is ancient Rajasthan; the way it has looked for thousands of years.We met some young students traveling from Israel, the night before our Safari. One woman was very beautiful and very fit. She said she was done-in after the first couple of hours on the camel and had to be taken back after the first day. She said it was just too hard to ride the camel. So we are concerned because we are signed up for three days of riding (and the money is not refundable). For the first four hours I find it very difficult. The camel jostles me left and right and up and down with each step and I find my body fighting every move. I look over at Aw and she is just smiling and ambling along as if she's done this all her life. (Those darn Thais! Who do they think they are anyway! And a girl Thai at that!!!). "How it go Stevie" she enquires. "Dee mark krup sweetie. Great. I'm loving it." After four hours I'm already thinking up plausible excuses to get out of this nightmare. But then something magical seems to happen. My body adjusts and it's suddenly very easy to ride.

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