Thursday, July 19, 2007

Remember Now

The lesson I keep reminding myself of is: we are all Travelers all the time. I have traveled so much in the last three years that I don't see things as a 'Canadian' anymore. I try to keep my eyes open and get out of the way of the experience.Melbah and I are out looking at a construction project here in Waterloo. We happen to drive by this park and without talking, she pulls the car over and we go for a walk. This view is as beautiful as the Mountain regions of Chiang Mai Thailand, or the Islands of Halong Bay, Vietnam. And it's right here, right now. But then we hear the sudden blast, like a fire extinguisher and realize there are three hot-air balloons being inflated right across the street. One of my dreams is to take a flight in a balloon one day. We stand in a crowd and watch as this balloon begins to rise up. We all give a collective cheer as it lifts off the ground and disappears into the sky.
Life is so magical. 'Remember' I keep saying to myself, like a mantram; 'Be Here Now'.

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