Monday, July 09, 2007

Cold Train To Agra

Delhi India, January 11, 2007
This story is from my recent Journey in India
I'm really not as tired as I look...well okay I am this tired. We drag ourselves out of our Delhi Guest house at 4am this morning to catch the 5:30 train to Agra; the home of one of the most famous structures in the world; the Taj Mahal. In fact it's so famous I consider skipping it all together. It just seems so cliche' to see it. We are giving ourselves one day to do the Taj and then move on. We booked a second class train for this five hour trip. The other choice was '3A.C.' (3rd Class Air Conditioned) but we are so cold here in Delhi that 'air conditioned' just seems wrong. Besides, how cold can it really be inside the train? VERY COLD! The windows are very leaky so when the train is moving, we get a constant rush of frigid air. It's about five degrees at best and it feels colder. There just isn't anywhere to go to get warm on this train. I am so glad I brought this hoodie to India. Without it I would be one frozen mackerel. My poor sweetie pie has never experience cold like this before. In Bangkok Thailand, where she lives, a cold day is when it drops to twenty degrees Celsius. But this is why we travel together; to see how we get along when the going gets rough. Aw's relatives asked her many times: 'Why are you going to India?' At this moment, I'm sure she's wondering the same question.

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