Monday, June 18, 2007

Delhi Sikh Temple

This is a story from my recent Journey in India
Delhi India, January 9, 2007
Poor Ayako san. She spent yesterday in bed, sick as a dog from remnants of her food poisoning in Varanasi. But she was determined to join us for a day of sight-seeing. The temperature today is about five degrees so she's bundled up and trying to stay warm.
This is the Delhi Sikh Temple. It's the same design as the Golden Temple in Amritsar. it's just smaller. We pick up these head scarves at the entrance. Everyone must cover their head before entering the courtyard.The water in the reflecting pool has been shipped in from Amritsar as well. We see many Sikh men walk into the frigid water in a way similar to a baptism. I admire their stamina. This is a nice place to visit and I like the marble walkway and the design of the temple but I find myself wondering how I will feel when I see the original Temple in the Punjab. As we are leaving, one we put our our hands and have the sacred waters poured over them.

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J.P. said...

Your head scarf only lacks a propeller.
funny, the girls' scarves look fine....