Thursday, June 28, 2007

Delhi Rickshaw Ride

Delhi India, January 7, 2007
This story is from my recent Journey in India.
Aw and I are six kilometers from the Tibetan Settlement where we're staying here in Delhi. A skinny man in a woolen cap indicates that he will give us a ride in his rickshaw. Aw gives me a dubious look. "Too far Stevie. Cannot." He doesn't speak any English but he is smiling and insists that we sit in his rig. "How much?" I ask. He indicates with his fingers 'fifteen rupees'. Oh my God, he's telling us he will take us on that fifteen minute ride for the equivalent of fifty cents Canadian. Aw is still doubtful. "Both?" she asks, pointing back and forth between herself and me. The man nods his head vigorously and indicates that we need to sit in his rickshaw. So off we go. It's chilly out today and as we ride we can feel the cold wind on us. I would never have thought Delhi would be this cold. It's around zero today and we don't have the proper clothes to really stay warm so we hunker down and hang on for the ride. As we pass this mother with her children we give them a wave and a smile and the children are happy to see us and wave back enthusiastically. What a sweet family.

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Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Wow! Delhi! You're in Delhi! Cheers!