Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Jaipur Palace

From my recent Journey in India
January 13, 2007 Jaipur, India
We have arrived in a very different place in India from the sights of Delhi and Agra. We hire a driver to take us around to see the city on this very hot day. We are in the State of Rajasthan; the land of Kings. Here in Jaipur, this is the original Palace of the Maharajah. The whole 800 year-old Palace is decorated with art like this. The attention to detail is amazing. This palace is about 500 years old.The Maharajah was fascinated by the stars and had a garden observatory built with many sundials and measuring devices to study the sky. He was inspired by Galileo and Copernicus. This device is made from marble and precious inlaid stones. The whole garden looks like a brainiac's version of a theme park. This entryway is made from semi-precious stones inlaid in Marble. Peacocks are a Royal symbol in Rajasthan and they live wild around the State. We keep running into Koreans here in India. We met these students on the bus coming here. They just happened to show up at the Palace the same time we did. Our pal in the center is here specifically to stand for photos with the tourists. There are signs all around that say: 'No tips are allowed'. But I guess it wouldn't be India if he didn't rub is finger and thumb together and give us that coy look that tells us he will not mind if we break the rules just this once.


sfgirl said...

That entryway is magnificent! We were in Thailand last Christmas and saw a lot of tile inlay. They have us beat on this kind of thing, don't they (anything that takes patience and attention to detail)?

Steven said...

sfgirl: Yes, the workmanship is magnificent. I love the Thai people but I must say, the workmanship here in India is a notch above anything I've seen in the other Asian countries so far. Sawadee krup and Namaste, to you my friend!

Zeben said...

Hi! Jaipur has a number of architectural wonders to see, explore and remember for long. Besides the pink city of Jaipur, Rajasthan offers to see a number of other cities and towns and numerous experiences as well.

A visitor to Rajasthan has a number of holiday options . Therefore, a visit to Rajasthan, its cities, towns and villages is surely going to be an experience of a lifespan.

Just a few months back, I visited the Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary of Rajasthan. The sanctuary is home to around 353 species of rare and exotic birds and I was delighted to spot some of the most colourful birds there.

Steven said...

Zeben: Thanks for the info!