Thursday, May 31, 2007

Height Of My Career

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, May 31, 2007
I'm back in Waterloo Ontario, working after a great Journey in India, as well as Thailand and Cambodia. One of my Mom's bridge partners hired me to fix her roof so here I am, balancing six metres in the air on the peak of Gail's roof as I replace the cap with new shingles. I would have preferred something a little closer to the ground as my first official job, but work is work. And as a carpenter I get to see things no one else does. Here is the view from Gail's roof across to her neighbors. Just the shingles, my tool belt and my trusty camera on a hot sunny day. It's fun to be here getting my Construction business started in Ontario but it's also kind of eerie too. I lived in Alberta a long time so being here sometimes seems like a step backwards. Today I was getting quotes on a builder's liability policy and one of the agents asked: "Aren't you a little mixed up? I thought everyone was going from here to Calgary these days, not the other way around. I suppose he's right, but that's okay. I like being here with my family, and besides, sitting up here in the fresh air on a war sunny day, I have a change to look around from this amazing vantage point. As my sister comes back with materials for the job I yell down to her: "Hey Melbah, today I'm at the height of my career." Now back to nailing...

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