Sunday, May 20, 2007

Songkran Family [Part 3]

Bangkok, Thailand, April 15, 2007
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I'm so impressed by this family. They have fun together but they have a stronger bond that comes through at difficult times.
A'taw is being a great sport today. She joins in with gusto but her heart is elsewhere.
Her husband, Poung, is in hospital right now. He just suffered a stroke a couple of days ago. Our warmest thoughts are with you khun Poung. Fortunately they have this wonderful family to watch out for them both.
I sneaked this photo from another event but these are A'tui and Mao who have been so kind as to let me stay in their home for the last month. A'tui was with us on Khao San road yesterday She owns a chain of restaurants in Thailand. Khun Mao runs a Country Club in Bangkok. They are wise and humble people (and above average Karaoke singers). The Celebration today is at their home.
View (pronounced 'Wiew') is one of the daughters of Wat and Pooky (are you confused yet? I am). She is a great sport and is always willing to pose and smile for a photo. And I think her T-shirt sums up the attitude of this beautiful family; 'Life is what you make it. It's my honor to share this special occasion with this amazing group of people. Khopt khun krup, everyone.


Racquel said...

strong family ties are common in Asian families. They are composed of warm and decent people that you can get along with very easily. I understand your fascination towards this family. Anyway, thanks for sharing your stories... will be looking forward for your next entry. :)

Steven said...

Thanks. It's been wonderful to get to know this family. The Thai people are so 'jai dee'.