Friday, December 01, 2006

Tax Holiday

Today I'm at my accountant's office getting my taxes done before I leave for Asia.

Ron's a great accountant but what I like most about him is that he's just fun to be with. Once we are done with the tax work he announces he was closing the office for an hour so we could all go for lunch.

One of his new assistants greets me. Her name is 'Holiday'. When I find out she's from Saigon, I start talking with her about Vietnam. It turns out her parents were boat people who fled their country in 1981. By the way, Holiday says her principal in High School named her 'Holiday' when he noticed she was not showing up for class. She did all her homework and got straight 'A's' but she lived very far from School and found it was a real hassel to get there. But when the Principal questioned her on her attendance she told him: "my family takes me on a lot of holidays. That's why I'm not here very much." And so he coined the nick-name. And it stuck
In honor of our discussion, Ron decides we will go for Vietnamese food. When I try to take a photo of us together, he instinctively reacts the way Revenue Canada has taught all Canadians to act. But I'm pretty sure this is a legitimate deduction Ron.

The conspiracy continues accross the table as we talk about the Vietnamese culture and eat some 'gnong' food. Xin chao!

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