Friday, April 21, 2006

Hoi An Tour

Hoi An, Vietnam, March 24 2006

Hoi An is the next stop as I head North on the Ho Chi Minh trail up Vietnam. This city was an important Sea Port in the 15th Century and has many of the influences intact through it's architecture.

I started my day by wandering down the street to a local restaurant for some breakfast. This is what I see from my table.
A few minutes after I sat down, I was joined by my new best friend and guide, Maboon, who is an unemployed Engineer. He was very interested in learning English and asked to be my motorcycle guide for the next day or so. I negotiated a price of five hundred thousand Dong (about thirty dollars Canadian) for him to show me around for the next two days.

We started with a tour of the local historical sites. This is the 'Japanese Bridge' which was built in the 17th Century and is the most famous landmark of Hoi An.

Maboon then drove me to the 'Handicraft Workshop where I was able to see local Artisans carving statues as well as many other crafts.

We then walked through a five hundred year-old home. The best part though, is meeting the people who show the home.

This woman is a direct descendant of the family associated with this structure. I asked her to pose by this flowering shrub because she has such a beautiful face.

After exploring many of the local sites, I had Bonsoon take me the Hoi An beach. The waster was too cold for a proper swim but the sandy beach was great to walk on.

This woman was selling snacks as we relaxed by the Sea. This is the traditional dress of the Vietnamese woman. The sun can be intense in this part of the world and those hats really help to keep the people cool and away from the direct rays of the sun.
Hoi An would be a wonderful city to retire in. It has a sleepy quality and sense of serenity to it. Next stop, the ancient Kingdom of 'My Son'.

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