Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Monkey Temple

Prachuap, Thailand, January 24, 2006
I finally left Hua Hin to explore further down the East Coast of the Thai Peninsula.

Before I left, I picked up some silk scarves for you Mom. Let me know what other colors you're looking for.

This is me at my Guest House, all loaded up and ready to roll.

I took a bus to Prachuap Khiri Khan which is 80km South of Hua Hin. It's a quiet fishing village with a wonderful Temple on a Mountain but I came here for several other reasons; and they were all MONKEYS!

There is a Waterfall Fountain just as you arrive in Town and there are Monkeys everywhere.

On the street...

On the cars (remember African Lion Safari when those monkeys used to love to rip off vinyl roofs?)

Even on the Hydro Wires...

Now I know what the expression 'Barrel of Monkeys' is really all about.

I bought some bananas from this woman and had her feed these guys. The movies I got of this are a riot.

These monkeys live at the base of an ancient Buddhist Temple that is at the top of a Stairway 395 steps up.

The monkeys followed me as I made the climb.

Like old Souls, reincarnated to guard their Spiritual Home with Joy.

And as they messed up the stairs, an orange robed monk quietly swept it all clean again.

You can see the steps from this top view.

The Islands behind me are far away. The view is amazing. As I looked out I tried to imagine what it must have been like for the Thais as they saw the Japanese invasion force come on to their shores here. This was one of the points they chose for their invasion; right into this harbor. As I stood looking out from the top I wrote in my Journal:
"This is the Castle of Prachup Khiri Khan. It does not command as a fortress. It shares its blessings with the World. The people of Thailand have learned a great secret of serenity that we in the West can only hope to catch a glimpse of."


lambygirl said...

Hi Uncle Steve!

I like your blog. Those monkeys are all over the place! It looks like a lot of fun to travel all around the world.

I love you.

Steven said...

I love you too, Lamb. I hope you can experience this wonderful place some day. They monkeys say hi! xx Uncle Steve

Anonymous said...

Just opened your blog.
Interesting, as usual.

from Benson Road N.W.