Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Package Has Landed

Thanks to my dear friends, Vivyan and Dorian in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, I now have my tools with me in Calgary.

Yesterday I showed this picture of me lugging my bags to the Airport and I commented that the picture made me look as if I was 4 months pregnant. My dear friend, Jookie, in Thailand, wrote in the suble Asian style: "Today I have read your blog...... Very funny your picture... look similar 6 month. Not 4 month.......... tooo beeeeeeeek."

So I had a picture taken tonight to set the record straight. So now what do you have to say for yourself Jookie jing jing???
Ted and I have teamed up to do Home renovations together for a few months here in Calgary.

This is Geeta. She hired us to rebuilt her basement after she had some flooding from the recent Calgary rain. She is pleasure to work for. She makes us tea every morning as we discuss our plan of attack for the day. Geeta is also a fan of the Movie: 'What the Bleep Do We Know', and we have had some very interesting discussions about the meaning of the Universe, Synchronicity and the value of Orange Cake with Tea. Thanks very much Geeta, for making my new start in Calgary such a beautiful experience.

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Bella's Journey said...

Inspired by Steve's Blog, I too have decided to blog, but nothing is in there yet.

I enjoyed the read, Steve, and am honoured to included in your musings. Since the orange cake went bad before you got any (due to my distracted mind) monday may yet hold something enticing for the palate.

Bye the way, the basement is looking fine with paint colours chosen and waiting for application upon your return. And yes, you are looking very svelte as compared to earlier photos.