Sunday, August 07, 2005

My Old World Revisited

Last November I moved from Calgary. I have been to Asia and back since then. I lived in Ontario, visited Vancouver, and now here I am, right back where it all began.

I used to live at this Condo and the last time I played tennis it was with my neighbor Pat.

So it seemed only fitting that I should come back here for my next game. Pat whooped me in every match but there is always next Sunday!

When we were finished playing, we headed to a nearby Pub for their $4.99 Breakfast special. I should add that the special is eggs Benedict, not a shot of scotch.
It was an eerie feeling to be back at the place I lived for 3 years. I had a wonderful life here but I'm very happy that it ended. Linda and I both needed to move on to other lives. The Condo is up for sale now so this chapter of my life will close in a much more permanent way very soon.
As I headed back on the C-Train, I decided to phone my old time friends, Bob and Jill. I haven't talked to them since last November and when I told them the three minute version of my story is sounded like I was making it up.

Bob and I got together for coffee and caught up on events. He and I have worked together on and off for many years in the Construction business. Bob has been a good friend to me and has one of the kindest hearts I have ever known. This is the kitchenette of the suite I share now with Ted. It's great to keep connecting with my old world in this new way.

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