Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Thailand Sex: April 5

There's no way I can discuss this topic without sounding like I'm talking in double entendre; so I'll just plunge in...
Of all the places I have visited in Thailand, Phuket has the strongest sexual current I have ever experienced. This impression is enhanced by the fact that there are so few tourists right now, compared to the huge number of young women competing for the Thai Massage dollar. Patong Beach is much more Westernized that other parts of Thailand so you don't see the same modesty in the Women that you see elsewhere. Many of the women dress in miniskirts and tight-fitting tops. If a Farang (Foreigner) walks close enough, the women will reach out and take you by the hand and gently pull you to their studios while smiling and nodding their heads.

This is Roweena. She is dressed in that typical style. I want to stress though, that she was NOT one of the women who sell themselves. she just does massage.

I did talk with a girl who looked just like this Roweena and WAS selling herself.
The woman I met called herself 'On'. She offered to give me a Thai massage for 250 baht. I learned my lesson from Khon Kaen so I made it very clear that I just wanted a 'Thai Massage' not an Oil massage. AS it turned out, she was definitely interested in selling me much more and because her English was very good, we ended up having a very enlightening conversation.
As 'On' led me upstairs she started with the selling job to get me to go for the 'Works'. I looked her in the eyes and said: "I'm not here for sex." She put her finger to her lips."Shhh. No talk about that here."
"Why not?" Then she gave me a mischievous smile and said softly: "Why not try it. If not try it, you never know." She went on to say: "I try everything. I am free girl. Why not you try it?".
Because I have to be true to myself", I said, pointing to my heart. On smiled and said: "I free. Do whatever want. Have boyfriend. Not have boyfriend- enjoy life."
"That's great. Do you enjoy having sex with Farangs here?"
The smile dropped from her face. "Is just money."
"Do you enjoy sex?"
"No. Not enjoy. Not need to enjoy. Just for Man."
"How old are you?"
"Have you been married?"
"Chai. Married, have child."
"What happened?"
"Man no good. Baby in Bangkok. I earn money for family and baby. Must work."
"It must be very hard for you, to be so young and caught in two worlds. You have so many commitments but you would rather just be a party girl, out drinking every night and having fun, Chai?"
She looked at me puzzled. "How you know?"
"I read eyes."
"My eyes tell?"
"Chai. But you know what 'On'? You're still so young. When you're twenty-six, you will know so many things you don't know now."
"I know lot now."
"I think you are very smart Party girl. But sometimes, can be too smart for own good, chai?"
(These are the women who work with Roweena. They were delighted to have their picture taken.)

'On' gave me a sad smile. Then, as if waking from a dream, she suddenly sat up straight and said in a startled voice: "What you do? I never talk like this! Always quiet with massage."
Then she moved in for the kill. she leaned over to me and batted her big Thai eyes at me and said: "Now time for me to do my job."
"Not a chance."
Then with a voice of resignation she said: "I tired anyway. Work from 9AM to 3 in morning."
I said: "I'm so sorry you are tired. Do you want me to give you a massage?"
She sat up straight again and looked at my eyes to see if I was kidding or not. "You give me?"
"Sure. Just 400 baht." I said with a smile.
"Too much. I give my own massage!"

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