Monday, April 18, 2005

Phuket: Alive and Well April 7

Phuket is famous because of the Tsunami but I was urged by so many people here to make sure I told you that Phuket is a beautiful destination right now and worth visiting. I agree!

This is Tony Messenger from Britain. (I don't make these names up... honest!) Tony was eating breakfast next to me so we got talking about Phuket. He told me that Patong beach is actually much nicer since the Tsunami. He said the Wave removed the old layers of sludge and now the beach looks the way it did 15 years ago; pristine and white. I asked him about the feeling here now. Again he said: "Much better. There are fewer tourists now, so it has much more of that small town feeling like it did many years ago. I love it here now!"

I want to give a plug for the hotel I stayed at here; 'Sandy Beach Mansion'(I know the sign read different). The staff here were very friendly (notice the little guy behind the desk) and my room was the best one I've had in Thailand; very comfortable and inviting. And best of all, it had sheets on the bed, AND toilet paper!

I've spent so much time talking disaster that I never mentioned just how wonderful the beach actually is. There are palm trees for shade and the water is warm and inviting with a sandy bottom that feels great on the feet.

I got upset when I talked about the movie 'The Beach' because when I spend time here, I see a beach as beautiful as the one in the movie. Paradise is right here.

Even McDonald's is making a comeback!

These are the staff of a great Sushi restaurant in town. I ate here and thought it was as good as Sushi Ginsa in Calgary Alberta; which is saying a lot!

Yes, Phuket is alive and well. Everywhere I went, people asked me what I was writing about. They wanted to make sure I wasn't scaring people off. I told them all the same thing. The people are wonderful, The food is great and the water is fine. Come and visit!

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Anonymous said...

hey steve,
I actaully ate raw octopus and ginza. I thought I was going to be sick.