Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Happy Birthday Melba Toasty!

I actually am posting this a little early but I will be in Laos when your birthday arrives and I don't want to be late.
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It has been one of the greatest joys of this tumultuous six months of my life to have had the opportunity to live near my sister after 29 years. When I left Ontario to move to Alberta, she was 14 and I was 20. Now she's a very wise adult and I'm... well I'm still kind of 20... She is very wise and I rely on her to help me as I stumble along in my life here in Thailand and back in Canada. Melissa is the one who corrects all my spellllign misteaks and cuts the pictures down to size in this Blog.

Thank you for being here for me Melissa. I love you sis, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Chun jai dee!




pmelissa said...

Thank you, Stevie! I love you too and miss you like crazy but I'm trying to behave myself and let you fully enjoy your time there.

PS: I think you should rethink the prison thing. Could be a great blogging experience....

Steven said...

I was trying to look up the words 'cavity search' when I came through the Laos border, so I could give them suggestions, but I didn't have time. I guess you will just have to settle for the hum drum of this trip the way it is. Yes, I sure miss you Mel. And Hello from the Mekong River and Leung Prabang!