Friday, April 29, 2005

Vang Vieng: Blair Cave Project

Vang Vieng, Laos, 2005
My crew has been brought together to explore the strange stories that have been circulating about a cave here in Vang Vieng.
We have decided to call this expedition the 'Blair Cave Project'.

8am: My friends, Nee from Thailand and Josh from San Fransisco have agreed to come with me and try to get to the heart of
these strange tales of mysterious rock formations, bizarre lights and disappearances.

8:45 We approach the Cave by bicycle and it seems we are drawn by a magnetic force that wants us there.

9:00am We have our first look at the entrance to the cave.

Even the dogs here seem to know something is wrong. Or perhaps it's just my imagination.

9:10 Our guide shows us a wide circle of grass that has been flattened. I ask him what did it but he only repeats one word
over and over again: "chang...Chang...chang..."

9:23am We finally reach the mouth of the cave where we are met with a sign that seems strangely familiar from childhood.
Why yes, The Wizard of Oz and the haunted forest with the sign that says:"I'd turn back if I were you."

9:24am Our guide sees these rocks piled in this strange formation and runs away screaming. What could be the matter? We go

9:32am We have been walking for several minutes further and further towards what, we do not know. Suddenly, Nee sees it; a
huge spider on the wall. We look around and see they are crawling everywhere.

Then I turn around and there is Josh surrounded by strange writing on the cave walls all around him.

I turn back to see that Nee is screaming. She is looking at Josh but is unable to calm down enough to tell me what she

I look back and see a strange light around Josh's head.

Then I see it too... It's... It's... I can't talk about it. We feel the spiders everywhere and we run as fast as we can out
of the cave.

10:13am Nee is now laughing as only a Thai can. And I am left horrified by what I have seen. We call to Josh but he never
shows up...


pmelissa said...

Sorry about Josh. Hope the spiders enjoyed their lunch. ;)

Anonymous said...

they could have left you in that cave overnight and you would have coughed up forty dollars American.
Or they might have paid you fifty American if you promised never to take up life on the stage.