Thursday, March 17, 2005

Thai Foot Medication

I have done a lot of trekking in Thailand. And I haven't worn socks in a month and a half; only sandals. So I decided to get my feet worked on here on Koh Samet. I went for a Thai massage and had the Works...not the WORKS but the works...

I had a manicure, a pedicure, a Thai body massage and a foot massage. They scraped the callouses off my feet for an hour and a half and put medication on my cuts.

When I started, I was having trouble walking. When I was done, I couldn't even recognize my feet.
Here's what I saw while they were busy working on me. The older of the two women kept making a quiet cackling sound as she cracked my toes and massaged me. She said something to the other woman as she wriggled my feet and said "Canada" and they would both laugh. I'm not sure what they were getting at but I'm sure they're right.

The beauty of this massage is that I had it done next to the ocean in a cool breeze. As Elizabeth Taylor would say when she woke up in the morning: 'I feel like a new Man!'

The total cost of this three and a half hour treatment? Eighteen Dollars, Canadian.
Diana, you would love this country. I kept thinking of your 'cranky feet'. At these prices you could have a massage every day. I've had 10 so far. Ahhhh.


Anonymous said...

Wow Steve, not that's service!! Your feet look beoohtiful and also your hands. I remember the callouses you used to have so they did a remarkable job. Yeah, to be right by the ocean and feeling the breeze, and utterly relaxing.

As your trip in Thailand is coming to a finish, I can't but help feel sad for you but my suspicions are you'll be back there again.

I'm so glad you will be stopping in Vancouver and the like to visit your family and friends.

May the peace you have found within yourself in Thailand remain with you always.

Much Love

pmelissa said...

You look more relaxed than a dog on a beach.

The word Canada makes me laugh too. Probably for the same reasons they laughed. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve, as long as you're stopping in Vancouver, be sure to look us up. Don't be a stranger.

Angie said...

Nice hands.....looks like your feet needed a nice massage. Man i hope i get a massage when i come in June, i so need it. And cheap.
Talk soon.