Monday, March 28, 2005

More Joy In Ubon: Mar24 (2)

After the Tour of Buddhist Temples we all got back in the Pickup Truck and headed to the local market to prepare for Gai's Birthday feast.

When I get back to Canada I would like to do a whole feature on the wonderful markets here in Thailand.

The produce costs almost nothing and there is so much variety.

And when you buy fish it is FRESH! These ones are bought live and then they knock them out and prepare them right before your eyes.

And the variety of fish! The Thai people eat such a good diet. A lot of fish and vegetables and fruit.

We loaded up all we could carry for our dinner.

As soon as we got back to Gai's place, all the women began preparing the food. No one had to tell anyone else what to do. They just all went at it and had it prepared in a very short time.

No food processors. No special equipment. And all done in half an hour.

The big pot in the middle is filled with water and the vegetables are placed into it to cook. Then we took small baskets with sliced chicken, pork and fish and placed them in the boiling water to cook. After a few minutes we would take the basket out and mix it with broth, chilis and other cooked vegetables to eat together.

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