Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Koh Samet: Two

I can't tell you what an honor it is to be invited to spend time with Jook and Monkey. They treat Dennis and me like Kings. They shopped for us and made sure we always have enough to eat. They are patient with us and show us their customs.

This is how it is every day here in Thailand. Sitting, relaxing, with a dog nearby. They seem to love being around us.

We took a truck ride over very rugged terrain to get to our boat for the return to the mainland. This is Hanin, from a place near Bordeaux France. I got to use the 7 words of French that I know and I asked him to write to others who tie in here, in his own language. Bon Voyage Hanin!

Monkey made the mistake of asking how much my pack weighs. I told her we would trade. Not a bad deal.

Dennis told me I was fooling around too much so I agreed to take a serious picture with him for a change.

We had a wonderful weekend on the Island but we never forget the most important thing...

As my good friend Jude, from China put it before; we're all in the same boat


pmelissa said...

That dog on the beach is actually me in disguise. I thought I'd fly there and surprise you.

I LOVE the picture of you laughing with Dennis. He should really get those two knobs on his head examined though.

Anonymous said...

that sunburned foot is yours, isn't it?

Steven said...

pmelissa:Unfortunately it's a medical condition that started just around the time I met him. I'll keep you posted if we find a cure.

Steven said...

(Has everyone figured out that J.P. is my mother?)