Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Khon Kaen:(2) Cobra Strikes and Ostrich Bites

We started our day with a tour of the Village outside Khon Kaen.

We went to the local Temple which was built 200 years ago and the painted surfaces are still intact after all these years.

As we walked back, more and more people kept showing up and we kept saying hello. By the time we were back to Sit and Nu's home, we felt we were the stars of a parade.

I took this picture of the people who wanted to greet the Farangs.

After a wonderful breakfast we headed to...Okay, this wasn't breakfast. It's the scorpion that was at our front door when we got up this morning. 'Sit' took it out and dropped it back over the Stone fence of his yard.

But these guys? They are alive and they are to eat. They cost 20 baht a piece. Put in your orders while supplies last.

We all hopped in a Pickup truck (Dennis and I rode in the back) and we went to town to see where they make the silk products. You would have loved to watch these women on the looms, Mel. Khon Kaen is world renowned for having the best silk anywhere.

Monkey is modelling a silk sash she bought. 300 baht. EEK it's cheap eh Melissa?

Then it was on to the Temple where Buddha's remains are interred. This is Monkey, Kow (which means 'Nine') and Nu. Kow and I became great buddies when I helped him learn to swim in a reservoir we picnicked at. He is a tennis player, rated 25th in his town. He's also a great checkers player. I nick named him 'Kato'. He is Sit and Nu's nephew and is going to join Monkey in Bangkok for a while where he will take more tennis training and learn to use the Internet.

Dennis really knows how to hit that bell. It makes a wooden bong that is very powerful.

This is the King Cobra Project. This little guy risks his life to dodge a deadly Cobra for tips.

And this is the biggest of all the Cobras. I thought maybe the snakes would have been drugged for this show but they move incredibly fast. I would hate to see what he pays for his medical plan.

Jook wasn't smiling a moment later when this Ostrich nipped her. This ostrich reserve is inside a military base where Sit was a Colonel.

We spent two days looking at fascinating animals and temples and forests. Sit and Nu treated us like royalty. I really have so much to write about on this trip but I have so many other stories I'm dying to tell about what happened just after this weekend that I will just leave it for now. All I can say mom is: I'm glad my trip is winding down...

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