Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Khon Kaen Karaoke 2: Women

Kohn Kaen, Thailand, March 23, 2005
9:30pm Karaoke Bar: Sit motions me to suddenly get up and before I know it we are heading to another bar down the dirt road. Two minutes later, he stops the Pickup truck and the five of us go into a bar that has a brightly lit stage in Day glow colors and a table of several women in their 20s and 30s all dressed in tight disco outfits that look like something from the 80s. A woman who introduces herself as Nuan comes up to me and asks me: "Do you like breasts?" I shrug and say: "Chai". Nuan gives the nod to the other people with me and we all take our seats. 'Sit' orders our 4th bottle of whiskey for the night and the show begins. The first dancer comes on stage wearing a very tight, K-Mart Blue dress and starts lip sinking to a song as she dances. I keep thinking she is about to begin taking her clothes off but she never does.

Sit (pictured here) motions for me to follow him and we head to the dance floor in front of the stage and begin Thai dancing. Then the Dancer on stage starts doing different moves which I imitate. At the end of the song she yells out 'Canada' and everyone smiles and nods their heads. The flash on my camera isn't working tonight but I have a photo of a woman very similar to the dancers here. I think it's a shame when lovely Thai woman try to imitate the way Farangs dress. It's like being trapped in a time warp from the Seventies.

While five other dancers take turns on the stage, Nuan plants herself on the chair next to me and talks to me in reasonable English. She says she is a hair dresser and says she can give me a ride to Khon Kaen in the morning if I wish. I say: "Chai krup, Cup-khun-cup" because Uncle can only take me in the afternoon. I suggest she just pick me up at Sit's home in the morning but she glances over to them and says to me: "You should come to my salon in the morning if you are still interested." I think she is also trying to say that she is interested in coming to Ubon Ratchithani the next day as well, but it's so loud in the bar I just can't be sure. I'm confused by that offer and I say I will call her the next day from Sit's.

At midnight, the five of us (Nuan stays there) head back home to Sit and Nu's place where we have a late meal of leftovers from the picnic earlier that day and we polish off the 4th bottle of Whiskey. We finally head to bed at 1:30am.

Maybe it's just as well my camera flash wasn't working that night. It was so surreal; but so fun.

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