Friday, March 18, 2005

Cute And Cuddly

Okay, I know I'm getting a bit out of hand with the cute animal pictures, but these are sooooooooooo cute... They are all from Koh Samet.

It's not that they're relaxed. It's HOW relaxed they look.

This is another island action shot. I had to use a high speed lens to capture this one. The dog is jumping out of the way of a speeding motorcycle. Fortunately this is Thailand and the motorcycle was still moving slower than the dog so no one was hurt.

I call this composition: 'Cat chasing Lizard in Airport'.

In Thailand, there are a lot of flies buzzing around the open air restaurant tables. This is one of the devices used to keep the sanitation under control. (She is on a coffee break...really!)

These are sand crabs. There are thousands of them on the Koh Samet Beaches. But cute? You decide.

Okay Rachael, I owe you a cute doggie picture after so many cats. This girl reminds me a lot of Cleo, except this is as fast as she gets. And L? They still have those binky hairs that got all over those hardwood floors back home.

And this is Dan (Sorry if I got your name wrong. I have it in my notes somewhere) from St Albert, Alberta Canada. He and I had a great talk while travelling to Koh Tao. Rachael, you want his number? You'll have to write me more...


Anonymous said...

he is cute tell him to call me I don't call guys.
P.S the dog is very cute a lot like cleo.

Steven said...

R: Good plan. Write me a long letter with your phone number included. I think I've forgotten it...:)~

Yes, the Dog was so 'Cleo' but soooooooooooooooooooooooo calm...