Sunday, February 06, 2005

Suits Me

My sleep patterns are messed up from the travelling. I had a siesta this afternoon and almost had a full night's sleep by mistake. I create my own world here in Bangkok by making a task list and then going on mini adventures to complete the tasks. One of those tasks was to start looking for a suit. My buddy Ted, in Calgary, bought a couple of silk suits in Thailand that were a great price. I met 'Sunny' who helped me out.

He offered me a suit made from Italian cashmere with two cotton shirts for 5000 baht. ($160) I liked him and I think he would do a good job for me but Ted suggests I go north to Chiang Mai and look at the silk suits.

I saw some kimonos that I thought were very nice too. They are selling for 1800b ($60) Is that a good price?

The clothes are generally very cheap when it comes to shirts blouses and dresses. I thought some of these were pretty. They cost about 150b ($5).

Task 2. Book an Elephant Trek. I went to a travel agent and booked a trip Ted recommended. It takes me Kanchanaburi, where the Bridge on the River Kwai was built. It's a 3 day adventure including an elephant trek, a ride on the infamous railway, some rafting, and all the travel and accommodation for 1500b ($60) It's cheaper to go on this trek than to stay where I am.
As for tomorrow, I'm thinking of doing the Tatanakosin Temples and River Walking Tour that is outlined in my 'Lonely Planet' Book. I would just take a cab to 'Tha Tien and start from there.


~~ Melissa said...

Hi Stevie,
I love the photos (wonderful colours). You sure get a lot done while I'm sleeping!


J.P. said...

I'd like one of those and two of those.
You look great in the kimono but you might not get a lot of wear out of it back home.
I don't imagine home is where your heart is right
the next part of your journey will be amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hope your visit to Vancouver was fun! :) Millie & Sadie say hi, and we can't wait to hear about the elephant trek.

somsoc said...

booking an elephant trek--how exciting!!!

Vivyan Ackroyd said...

good to hear your journey us begining to unfold, Kato & Sammi sure missed you. Kato, slept under the blanket after you left...I think he is missing you. I am still navigating my new blog, Dorian is creating a front page for me ...and I am still haveing some trouble getting the computer to accept my writing..must be the computer as I am sure it not me. I wish you well my dear friend, and also envy be well and be warm. a bein tot mon ami..Bibi